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Community description:A writing community for people with depression and bipolar disorder.

Welcome to Ferris Wheel Writings
a writing community for people suffering from depression and bipolar disorder

The FWW community is intended as a creative haven for people whose lives have been affected by depression or bipolar disorder, a place to express themselves freely in writing as well as a place to give and receive feedback on those writings.

The community implores certain RULES that are as follows:

1. No harassment of other community members is tolerated. If the moderator learns of any harassment, the involved party will be banned, no three-strike policy, no questions asked.

2. This community accepts fiction in all forms as long as it touches upon the subject of mental illness in one way or the other. What is appropriate to post here is left up to the discretion of the community’s members.

3. All fiction posted must be original fiction. Fanfiction isn’t allowed, since there are other venues for that.

4. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated, be it of published authors or of works by other community members and if discovered, it will lead to an immediate ban.

5. When posting your stories, use trigger and content warnings. This can’t be stressed enough. A non-exhaustive list of warnings that should be applied is: suicide, suicide attempt, suicidal emotions, self-harm, abuse, violence and death.

Your friendly neighbourhood moderator is [personal profile] laughingballerina, all questions can be directed either here or as a PM to her journal. Thank you.

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